Why Buy a Truck Mounted Attenuator?

Posted on: 19 July 2016

Truck mounted attenuators (TMA) can have many positives if your business owns even one truck. The TMA's main purpose is to protect your truck from major damage in a collision. A second, side benefit of this product is protecting the other driver by helping them run into something a bit more flexible than the back of your truck.

What Is It?

The basic design of most TMAs is a set of two circles or loops that are connected on the edges. The loops can fold up, one covering the back of your truck and one acting as a "roof" over the back portion of your truck, should you not wish to use it at the time. When unfolded, the circles extend, one after the other, to create padding between the back of your truck and someone's car. When a driver is not paying attention, and they look up to find themselves only a few feet away from your truck, this TMA provides a shock absorbent that stops the car from running into your truck. Your truck will come out of the accident unharmed. Their car will still be damaged (as it would be if they had run into the back of your truck); however, the amount of damage may be lessened.

How Does It Benefit You?

Protecting your investment in your heavy-duty trucks, a TMA can provide great protection against careless drivers. As trucks are expensive, this can be a useful investment. For each accident, you will only need to replace the TMA, nothing else. You will not be backtracked in your business as the other driver tries to sort through insurance, and you wait for repair times, etc. You will not be put out at all. Additionally, if the accident was your fault, you will not be stuck with many extra payments to repair your truck.

Other than the benefits you receive from not needing to replace your truck, the TMA also gives your truck a few updated features. First of all, the TMAs use LED lights, which are proven to last longer and give off a stronger light. This can help serve as a warning to other cards; it can also simply help your trucks perform better in their workspace. Additionally, some trucks that install TMAs will also receive a safety camera with their installation. This helps them see when they are backing up, so that they do not cause an accident based on lack of vision. Additionally, the TMA is lightweight and can be mounted in a variety of ways, working to benefit you and make the installation process easy. Check out the site for more information.


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