4 Guidelines to Help You Design and Build the Perfect Patio

Posted on: 26 September 2022

Almost every homeowner has a set of dreams, goals and ideas for their ideal outdoor space. Maybe you want a Mediterranean-style backyard with a wooden oven for baking pizza or a sleek modern pool. Whatever your preference, it is advisable to write down the expectations before choosing a contractor to bring the design to life. Proper planning is the first step in achieving the ideal patio, and these four guidelines will make the planning process easy for you. 

Choose a Décor Theme   

Your first step in the process should be choosing the perfect décor theme. With the countless styles featured in magazines, online forums and other spaces, it might be hard to choose one best suited to your needs. However, you can start by listing the features you dream of having on your patio. Compare classic patio styles to the contemporary and gauge how each of them makes you feel.

Play around with colours and materials and see what you like. Remember that you can also personalize the specific components of the patio depending on how you want to use it. Pick a theme that will appeal to your sense of style and help you achieve functionality. 

Think About Integrated Features 

Think about integration when planning and designing outdoor spaces. For example, install a kitchen instead of having the patio as a relaxing place and a separate cooking area. An oven, fireplace and other features might add to the overall comfort and usability of the space. With a specific budget, you can create an outdoor space where the family will relax for extended periods and carry out all their vital activities. 

Add Water Features

Once you have a fireplace on your patio, you should consider summer comfort. Summer or daytime comfort means adding water features to the space. A water fountain will add to the aesthetic beauty, while a pool can provide a place for everyone to cool off after work. 

Play With the Lighting

Experienced contractors also state that you should consider the patio a living space for day and night. Investing in superior quality flood lighting is an excellent way to make it usable at night. Also, the design and type of light contribute to the beauty of the patio. 

These are design features you can discuss with a competent patio contractor. Consult with reliable contractors close to you and start the first step in the process of designing comfortable outdoor living spaces.  


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