When to Have an Environmental Audit Performed on Your Commercial Property

Posted on: 31 May 2017

An environmental assessment or audit includes a check of both the land and the water under the soil, to note any contamination that may affect the property, as well as to evaluate the soil's overall condition and health. This audit can include a check for asbestos, heavy metals, and other poisons or hazards. If you own commercial property, you might note when such an environmental audit should be performed so you can ensure the property is always safe for your business and any occupants of the property, and because of how such hazards may affect the property's overall value.

Before construction work

Construction work of any sort may include tearing up the ground, as well as causing compacted soil to become loose because of vibrations due to drilling, heavy vehicles and increased traffic. This can cause soil contaminants to then become airborne or to spread to other parts of the property. This disruption because of construction work can also cause those contaminants to settle into underground water supplies, where they can then travel to a water body or other properties. Before any construction work, whether it's new construction, renovation or adding to your existing building, have an environmental audit performed to know if the soil should be compacted, cleaned or even replaced, to avoid these risks.

Before selling or dividing

Someone interested in buying your property may have their own environmental audit performed, but if you have this done first and then address any found contamination, this might increase the value of the property. You also won't suffer any surprises during the selling process if a potential buyer should find contamination and request a cleanup or adjustment to their offer because of pollution and other contaminants onsite. Have your own audit done first before selling so you can have cleanup performed or adjust your asking price as needed.

Vegetation growth

Many businesses need to ensure healthy vegetation growth on the property; this can include golf courses, small farms, orchards and nurseries. You may also have commercial property that needs cleanup, if it's been overrun by weeds, thistles and other such unwanted vegetation.

If your business struggles to grow healthy turf or vegetation on the property, you might want to have an environmental audit; contamination or poor soil conditions can cause vegetation or the property's grass growing difficulty. It's also good to have an audit done before you begin any type of clearing work, to ensure you don't stir up those contaminants and hazards and cause asbestos or other substances to become airborne.


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