Types of Boat Docks You Can Install

Posted on: 1 November 2018

All boats need a place they can call home. If you are planning to construct a boat dock on your new lake property, then you must be searching for the perfect type of dock. There are many types of pontoons, and each of them comes with unique benefits and drawbacks. Below are common choices you can consider.

Piling dock

This dock is built by driving hefty wood beans called pilings into the lake bed. Then, a frame is attached to the pilings, creating a solid wooden walkway. The cost of installing this dock varies depending on the depth of the lake, local regulations and climatic conditions of the area. These factors can either increase or decrease the installation cost.

Piling docks are very stable and strong, and can be built even in high-flow areas like the streams and rivers since they are rarely swept away by flood water. What's more, they can act as a fishing pier or a place you can put your lawn chair to relax. One major disadvantage of a piling dock is that it doesn't fall or rise with the lake water levels.

Floating Dock

A floating dock is less costly to install compared to a piling dock, and are even more adaptable. It comprises of an anchored floating stand of huge airtight drums on which the wooden platform is constructed. Although the structure floats on water, it is stable and large enough to act as a boat dock.

Other than being less costly ad versatile, a floating boat dock can automatically fall or rise, depending on the water levels. What's more, you can tow them out during winter or whenever you need to conduct some repairs. On the downside, this dock is not very stable and can shift depending on the current. Flood waters can even wash them away. This dock is ideal for a small boat like a fishing boat.

Suspension docks

Suspension docks are a modern addition that comprises a metal framework constructed to overhang water just like a suspension bridge.  This dock is ideal for areas that a have a fragile ecosystem because they inflict less impact on flora and fauna. Most people love these docks due to their elegant and attractive design. The dock can raise or lower depending on the water levels.

The major drawback of this boat dock is the cost and time they take to design and construct. But, the docks are perfect for any homeowner who can afford to buy a posh dock and doesn't want to disrupt the local wildlife.

To learn more about your options, contact services that provide docks, pontoons, and jetties.


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