Essential Guide on Designing the Perfect Corporate Wear

Posted on: 22 July 2019

Do your employees struggle to dress appropriately for work? If so, you can do something to ensure they always wear what's expected in the workplace. 

Providing corporate wear is a great way to ensure your staff adheres to the appropriate dress code for work while creating a sense of belonging and unity at work. The biggest challenge, however, is that not just any attire will do. 

Every workplace is different and so it is important to make corporate attire that makes employees fit in and feel respected. Check out some things to consider when designing your company work attire.

Consider the Work

When you are coming up with the design of your corporate wear, you should always keep the functionality of the attire in mind. Here, you should think about what your employees will be doing when they put on workwear. 

If you operate a warehouse facility, for example, you should invest in hi-visibility clothing to ensure the safety of your workers. If your employees sit behind a desk to serve customers, you would want them to wear something that makes them feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the business hours.

Consider the Style 

Providing your employees with functional work attire doesn't mean you should sacrifice style. Incorporating your company logo and colours into the design of your company's staff uniforms can make your business stand out from its competitors.  

Beyond including your company logo and colours in your staff wear, design something that blends in well with the atmosphere of your business while remaining unique to your brand and employees. 

Be bold enough to ditch corporate style clichés for flexible new looks that still exude professionalism. 

Consider the Employees

If you really want to create killer workwear, it is important to seek your employees' input. Your employees are the ones who will wear the attire at work, so it is only fair to know the kind of clothing they want.

Generally, millennials tend to lean towards more casual attire while their older counterparts favour a more formal look. Knowing what your employees want may help you design something that they are proud to wear at work.

You can even show them some samples of the corporate wear you want to adopt just to find out what they think!

The best way to create the perfect workwear for your staff is to seek out a workwear expert. They will assess your business needs and help you design work attire that suits your brand and employees.


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