How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Hydroponics Grow Tent

Posted on: 15 October 2019

If you've decided to invest in an indoor hydroponics grow tent, then you might not expect to have problems with bugs and pests. After all, you're giving your crops an enclosed and secure environment to grow in.

However, bugs and pests can get inside tents without you noticing. Once in there, they can wreak havoc on the plants you're trying to nurture.

So, before you set up your tent, put some thought into bug proofing. What steps can you take?

Buy a Good Quality Tent

Grow tents don't always offer the same protection against bug incursions. Some budget tents may not be secure enough to keep bugs at bay.

You don't have to break the bank to get a high-quality tent. It's simply important to look for products that are completely sealed.

It's also better to choose a tent with sturdy zip openings that close tightly without leaving any gaps. If your tent doesn't have gaps, then bugs have fewer chances to get inside with your plants.

Cover Weak Spots

There are parts of a grow tent that need outside exposure. For example, ducts on the tent have openings to allow air intake inside. These ducts also give bugs an easy way to get inside the tent.

To prevent this happening, invest in mesh covers that go over the outside parts of the ducts. Ducts still work with a cover on; however, the mesh is fine enough to block insects from getting in through them.

Keep the Tent in a Closed Area

Bugs are more likely to sneak inside a grow tent when you open it if they are in the room already. If you can, try to put your tent in a room you don't use that much, such as a utility room or a garage. Keep doors and windows shut as much as possible to keep bugs outside.

Hang Pest Strips

You may not notice that bugs have got into your tent immediately. Small bugs aren't that noticeable until they start destroying your plants.

If you hang some sticky pest strips in your tent, then some bugs will stick to the strips and die. This should help you deal with the occasional bug. It's also a useful early warning sign that other bugs might be in the tent so that you can buy suitable pest control products.

Your hydroponics shop can give you more advice on how to keep bugs out of your grow tent. They can also recommend suitable pest control products for your crops if you do need them.

For more information, contact a distributor with hydroponics supplies.


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