3 Reasons a Land Surveyor Is Critical to Building a Fence Around a Property

Posted on: 20 January 2020

For most people, land surveying is a very technical term, and only people that own large tracts of land need the services of a land surveyor. Unfortunately, such misconceptions continue to land property owners in trouble every day. Land surveying services are not solely designed for large properties, and simple activities such as fencing need expertise. However, most people still struggle with understanding why they would need land surveying services to fence their property. This article highlights the essential role a land surveyor plays in a fencing project for your property. Read on.

Prevent Future Costs

Building a fence is no easy feat, especially if you are using relatively expensive materials such a metal or stone. Moreover, the size of the area to be fenced can add to the total cost of the entire project. Therefore, it is essential to get your boundaries right the first time. However, your chances of getting it right can be small, especially if the property has been lying idle for a long time. If you go ahead, build a fence, and then find that you encroached onto the adjacent land, then you have to bring the fence down and observe the current boundaries. A land surveyor will, therefore, ensure that your boundaries are intact, consequently helping you to avoid encroachment and expensive renovations.

Equal Land Division

Just because you know where the pins are located does not mean that you can subdivide your property into equal lots. It is more challenging to divide land equally through fencing. In most cases, subdivisions done without the services of a land surveyor have crooked fences. It not only looks odd, but it also makes the subdivided lots unequal. By hiring a land surveyor to conduct a boundary survey for the lots before fencing, you eliminate the chances of ending up with unequal lots. Consequently, there will be few, if any, disputes among neighbouring tenants.

Shorten Land Development Time

If you plan to develop the land immediately after fencing it, then you most likely have a plan and a timeline in place. However, such plans and deadlines can only be met if everything goes as planned. This is unlikely to be the case if you start building the fence without consulting a land surveyor. This is because any mistakes in the property boundaries will mean undoing the fence and building a new one, consequently dragging the entire project on. If, on the other hand, you enrol the services of a land surveyor, the expert will make sure you erect your fence on the actual boundaries, thereby eliminating future time-wasting corrections.


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