3 Must-Have Features in a Staff Development Platform

Posted on: 17 March 2020

There is nothing more satisfying to staff than the assurance of growth in the workplace. The 21st-century employee does not only care about the benefits offered at the workplace as some employers think. This might explain why the employee turnover rate (15%) is at its highest. Programs such as on-the-job training and enhancement of soft skills can go a long way in improving staff productivity.  However, employers need the right staff development tools to make the learning experience of employees fruitful. This article highlights vital features that employers should look for in a staff development platform.

Micro-Learning Tools — Uncertainty and the fast-paced business environment today call for extra flexibility in staff development programs. You need a platform that allows you to create easy-to-edit and fun-to-consume learning material quickly. Micro-learning tools are especially helpful when you want new employees to learn about a product or service fast. This explains why they are also referred to as just-in-time learning tools. The simplicity and flexibility that micro-learning tools offer allow staff to consume the material at the comfort of their homes or during their free time. Additionally, a development platform with a micro-learning tool works well with businesses that operate remote teams that cannot attend full-time training.

Real-Time Communication Tools — Great communication starts with connection. Communication — as one of the most critical soft skills in business today — plays a significant role in the staff learning experience. Your investment in staff development will count for nothing if learning design teams, subject matter experts and trainees cannot communicate effectively. For instance, learning design experts need feedback from learners early on to determine whether the material is relevant. Such input needs to be communicated immediately and in real-time to avoid time wastage. This is only possible with development platforms that are well equipped with communication tools. Most importantly, choose a platform embedded with the most popular communication tools among staff for a timely and intuitive learning experience.

Knowledge Repositories — These are dynamic storage spaces for information also referred to as knowledge bases. The way workers access information on the staff development platforms determines, to a great extent, their learning experience. The easier it is to navigate through the platform, the faster learners can access information. Knowledge repository tools make this possible since they allow employers to set information or learning material on a level or tier basis. For example, a business selling a service can structure its learning material by category, section and topic. This makes it easy for staff to retrieve the exact information they need without spending too much time on the platform.


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