Top T-Shirt Screen Printing Practices For High-Quality Products

Posted on: 4 August 2020

Most people will appreciate great t-shirt designs and creativity. Whether you use graphic designs or typography, you can create something that people enjoy. One of the best techniques to use when you want to have great products is screen printing. Understanding every aspect of the process will ensure you have the best outcome. The greatest trick is to make sure that you do everything right. Here are a few practices that can help you in getting great results.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Project

Not all materials are the same. Your results will depend on the material you use. Some materials will absorb ink more than others. High absorption will create a faded appearance. For instance, carded open cotton may be cheap, but creating a quality print on them is an uphill task. But combed cotton will be more elegant and smoother. Printing this material is not only more comfortable, but the products will also be more superior. Also, the colour of the fabric is essential when it comes to printing. Ensure you choose colours that are contrasting to allow for readability. Also, it will be better to use a flat printing surface for thin materials.

Paying Special Attention to the Artwork

Setting the artwork will determine the quality of your print. Without proper setting and preparation of the artwork, it will not be easy for you. You will not only have a hard time in printing, but it will also give you an awful product. Ensure that you work on your design well before the screening.

Taking Time to Explore Your Concept

When it comes to designing, do not do anything in a hurry. It is good to sketch out the design and take a break. Ensure you take your time before looking at it again. Great ideas may come to you when you sleep and wake up to put in practice. That does not mean you cannot implement your first idea if it works out well. Yet it would help if you were slow and sure.

Improving the Quality of Your Press Ink

After getting the right choice of the material and the best design, it is time to think about the ink. It would be best if you considered the ink depending on the material you are using. Water-based ink prints will need you to use high temperatures and wait longer for the water to evaporate. Use temperatures more elevated than the evaporation temperature of the water. That will ensure all the water evaporates to avoid messing up the material.


It is crucial to check the printing machine after every run. Confirm that the screws holding the printing press together are still holding it firm. Loose screws can result in blurred print. Also, check the quality of the artwork by ensuring that you have a high-resolution image. Contact a t-shirt screenprinting service to learn more.


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