Attributes of Composite Decking That Make It a Superior Alternative to Natural Timber

Posted on: 8 December 2020

When shopping for decking supplies, you will be inundated by a multitude of natural timber solutions ranging from Teak, Spotted gum, Jarrah and even Blackbutt. But while these materials are undeniably attractive, they do require a great deal of maintenance if they are to remain durable and visually pleasing. As a result, there has been a steady shift towards composite decking materials, which are proving to be a more convenient solution for homeowners.

The relative newness of this material in the market coupled with its high price tag may make one think that composite decking is merely an overpriced trend but this could not be further from the truth. This piece illuminates a couple of the attributes of composite decking.

1. Aesthetic value

When some people think of non-timber materials that are designed to look like real wood, they automatically envision a conspicuously tacky alternative to the real thing. And while this may be the case for various supplies manufactured decades back, it is not true for composite decking. Admittedly, the composite is manufactured to look similar to wood but what makes it stand out from other supplies is the uncanny similarities that they bear.

If you do not have budget concerns, you can opt for new-age premium composite decking which not only comes in just as many hues as natural timber, but it also boasts the knots, textures and grains of real wood. With this type of composite decking, even your guests will not know what is underfoot as the material will look and feel like traditional timber decking. As a bonus, composite decking is invulnerable to fading so you will not be required to engage in regular staining to ensure it maintains its aesthetic value.

2. Enhanced performance

You might wonder why you should spend money on composite decking simply to get the appearance of timber when you could just as easily purchase real wood for this structure. The answer lies in the performance of composite decking over its traditional counterpart. Although natural timber is visually pleasing, one thing a majority of homeowners can agree on is that this material requires an arduous amount of upkeep to retain its appeal.

And when you factor in Australia's sometimes extreme climatic changes, it is only a matter of timber before a solid wood deck would require extensive repairs to restore functionality. This is a concern that you do not need to have with composite decking. As mentioned earlier, this material is also referred to as no-maintenance decking and this can be attributed to the fact that it can withstand extreme temperature changes, UV exposure, precipitation and other elements without succumbing to damage. Moreover, composite decking is naturally pest and mould resistant too.


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