Are You Thinking About Buying a Forklift?

Posted on: 5 April 2021

Investing in a new forklift could offer a boost to your business productivity. If you operate a warehousing or manufacturing business, you will know how quickly work can build up. Perhaps, you are used to waiting for pallets to be carried outside and loaded on to trucks? Maybe, you expect your warehouse team to collect stock and bring it out onto the shop floor? With small items, that way of working may not be a problem. If you have larger stock items to move, a forklift could reduce the strain on your employees.

Selecting your forklift

Deciding that you need to purchase a forklift may be easy. Deciding which forklift to purchase could take much more thought. When you visit a company that offers new forklifts, you will discover that forklifts are available with widely differing specifications. To find the best forklift for your company, you must consider what type of goods you want to move and where the forklift will be working.

Lifting capacity

The first step must involve talking to your team to determine the maximum dimensions and weight the forklift will need to move. There is no value in purchasing a forklift that will be unable to move most of the loads. Don't just think about the current jobs your firm does, but also prospective jobs that may arise. You don't want the new forklift to be obsolete soon after purchase.

Available space

Once you know how much you want the forklift to lift, the new forklift sales company can show you the number of suitable forklifts they have in stock. One thing you will notice is that the size and dimensions of the forklift can vary a lot. Before making a decision, you should consider where you want the forklift to run. Do you want a small forklift to run between rows of shelving, or a larger vehicle? Look around the work environment and check that the prospective forklift will fit through every gap. Don't forget to think about the turning capabilities of the forklift, as you don't want it to get stuck and be in need of a rescue.

Power source

Should you ask the new forklift sales company about an electric forklift you can plug in and charge when it is not in use? Would a petrol-driven forklift be a better choice if you don't have a nearby power source? Maybe a gas-operated forklift is the best option. Depending on your circumstances, any of those forklifts could be the right solution. Talk to the new forklift sales company and see what type of forklift they can suggest for your company.  

For more information about new forklifts for sale, contact a local dealer.


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