Why Every Business Should Consider Installing Wheelchair Lifts

Posted on: 29 June 2021

As a society, Australia is becoming more and more aware of the struggles of those less fortunate than the majority of the population. While huge strides are being made in every avenue of daily life, more can be done to make everyone feel included and create a truly caring community that looks after its most vulnerable. Some things are relatively easy to implement, such as quiet hours when the store has noise restrictions for elderly patrons to be more comfortable, others, like wheelchair lifts, can seem monumental. However, it really is not that big a task for many businesses, and here are a few reasons why you should consider installing them on-site.

They Are Built To Last

It may seem like wheelchair lifts are a little fragile because such a big platform can be sitting on quite a small moving chain, but the truth is these machines are built like tanks. The manufacturers know that no one is going to want to use wheelchair lifts that are constantly breaking down, and so only very stringently tested materials are used in the construction of these lifts. This is even more true for commercial-grade wheelchair lifts where you may see it used a dozen or so times a day, if not more. 

They Encourage More Than Just Those Restricted To Wheelchairs

While wheelchair lifts are, of course, primarily used by those in wheelchairs, they can also be very helpful for those with other conditions that restrict movement. If the platform is big enough, as many these days are, then smaller mobility scooters can fit on. Or, if the platform is quite small, people with walkers may still be able to use them. Always make sure to check what your wheelchair lifts are able to carry, and put warning signs up so your customers know as well.

Family Occasion

Often those in wheelchairs are not going shopping on their own but with members of their family or close friends. Not only are you opening yourself up to a whole new audience of customers in those with wheelchairs, but you are also getting those closest to them as well. The goodwill you generate from wheelchair lifts also spreads through word of mouth, so you may actually end up with quite a few customers that use wheelchairs because they heard about you through the grapevine. If nothing else, wheelchair lifts can prove to be a very savvy commercial decision.

Contact a local wheelchair lift supplier or installer to learn more.


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